A general line variety model for sensors, allowing stable calibrations that meet the accuracy standards for medical applications. 01/10/2020 - 30/09/2024


The popular pinhole model for imaging sensors and the associated calibration procedures appear to be inadequate for some of the new generation sensor technology. Even for classical RGB cameras, this standard model leads to unstable calibrations, with the need for an extra model to remove lens distortion. We propose line varieties as a unifying modelling for a broad set of sensors. As opposed to other previously published attempts in this direction, we identify the sub-varieties that correspond to real sensors. This enables us to extend interpolation techniques and Gaussian processes, to support sensor calibration from small samples of lines. We aim fundamental contributions to the fields of Line Geometry and Probabilistic Numerics. Our goal is to develop the framework for multi-sensor configurations (laser scanners, IR-cameras,…), providing measurement fusion, using the developed line models, and to achieve accuracy levels for sensor-supported Radiotherapy.


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