OPEN LETTER on European Champions after the blocked Siemens-Alstom merger.

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Recent Publications:

Jan Bouckaert and Geert Van Moer, 2017, Horizontal subcontracting and investment in idle dispatchable power plants, International Journal of Industrial Organization,

Jan Bouckaert, 2015, Le (R)ROI est mort! Vive le (R)ROI! Regulation of electricity distribution in Belgium, Reflêts et Perspectives de la vie économique, LIV, 1-2, 147-155. 

Jan Bouckaert & Peter Kort, 2014, Merger Incentives and The Failing Firm Defense, Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. LXII,3, 436-466. (Nominated for ANTITRUST WRITING AWARDS 2015)


Recent working papers:

Jan Bouckaert & Johan Stennek, 2019, Conflicts of interest in representation.

Jan Bouckaert & Geert Van Moer, 2019, Joint bidding and horizontal subcontracting.

Jan Bouckaert & Bruno De Borger, 2014, Intermittent electricity generation and investment in capacity.