Jan Bouckaert

Jan Bouckaert


Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

OPEN LETTER on European Champions after the blocked Siemens-Alstom merger.

The webpage of Massimo Motta shows the original English version.


Recent Publications:

Jan Bouckaert and Geert Van Moer, 2017, Horizontal subcontracting and investment in idle dispatchable power plants, International Journal of Industrial Organization,  http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1UqW6c8eEaI5M.

Jan Bouckaert, 2015, Le (R)ROI est mort! Vive le (R)ROI! Regulation of electricity distribution in Belgium, Reflêts et Perspectives de la vie économique, LIV, 1-2, 147-155. 

Jan Bouckaert & Peter Kort, 2014, Merger Incentives and The Failing Firm Defense, Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. LXII,3, 436-466. (Nominated for ANTITRUST WRITING AWARDS 2015)


Recent working papers:

Jan Bouckaert & Johan Stennek, 2019, Conflicts of interest in representation.

Jan Bouckaert & Geert Van Moer, 2019, Joint bidding and horizontal subcontracting.

Jan Bouckaert & Bruno De Borger, 2014, Intermittent electricity generation and investment in capacity.