Research team


Jan Brusselaers is Assistant Professor Environmental Economics at the Institute for Environmental Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is specialised in the economics of sustainability transitions and policies in support of these transitions. In this context, Jan shows a particular interest in the Circular Economy and any matters related to resource efficiency, (global) supply chain risks and natural resource management. He mainly applies quantitative techniques, including both partial and general equilibrium models and a wide range of econometric tools to assess both the economic and environmental impact of (envisaged) sustainability transitions.These tools are also applied in research projects which assess the impact of Climate Change on the economy (and vice versa). His research aims to advance both science and policy making and he received the 'Green Talents Award' in 2018 as high potential in Sustainable Development from the German federal government. Jan is engaged in the courses of ‘Globalization - Global Economics’ at the Amsterdam University College, 'Environmental Economics' courses at the University of Antwerp and the 'Environment & Resource Management' Master programme at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.