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Jasmine Meysman is Lecturer in Management, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at the Faculties of Business and Economics and Applied Engineering at the University of Antwerp. Her research expertise lies in the field of technology transfer, (academic) spin-off creation, innovation and (student) entrepreneurship. 
She is founding member of the ‘Experience Entrepreneurship’ Summer School from the Antwerp Summer
University, an international summer school with a hands-on approach to Entrepreneurship. In 2019, the fifth
edition of this summer school with international students and leading professors and professionals has
successfully taken place. She has been active as acting academic liaison for the University of Antwerp in the
TAKEOFFANTWERP_Alliance, a partnership between the University of Antwerp, the University Colleges of
Antwerp, the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Antwerp for the development of a regional
entrepreneurial Ecosystem for young and student-entrepreneurs.

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