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Antwerp Surgical Training, Anatomy and Research Centre (ASTARC)


Since 1995 I am involved in translational research as a member of the ASTARC group. This research focusses on thoracic pathology and vascular diseases. Regarding the thoracic domain we do research in oncology, ischemia-reperfusion, transplantation and chest wall diseases. For our vascular research domain, we focus on atherosclerosis and aneurysmal dilatation and its treatment. We have a broad experience with animal research and clinical human studies and linking them together. We also have a large network of expertise in numerous investigational techniques.

Integrated Personalized & Precision Oncology Network (IPPON). 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2025


The research activities of the consortium IPPON (Integrated Personalized & Precision Oncology Network) are at the forefront of integrated personalized cancer medicine, with emphasis on 1) developing novel and more effective therapeutic strategies; 2) an improved detection and understanding of mechanisms driving therapeutic resistance; and 3) identifying and validating biomarkers for early detection and personalized therapy, in different cancers in need for improved therapeutic outcomes. In this way, we aim to deliver the right treatment to the right cancer patient at the right time. Novel and emerging anticancer strategies that we investigate include - but are not limited to - locoregional perfusion, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, cold atmospheric plasma therapy as well as novel combination therapies. We are convinced that the interdisciplinary collaboration between basic, translational and clinical researchers, catalyzed through this consortium, will enable us to tackle burning research questions and clinical unmet needs to advance the field of personalized cancer medicine. The members of our consortium bring together unrivaled access to biobank patient samples and to a dedicated clinical phase I/II oncological unit with a unique and complementary set of methods and skills covering the entire spectrum of molecular techniques, 2D and 3D cellular assays (in vitro and ex vivo), small- and large animal studies and clinical studies. IPPON gathers experts with an excellent research track record in fundamental, translational and clinical oncology; surgical techniques; targeted therapy; immunotherapy; (epi)genomics; (epi)transcriptomics; proteomics; imaging; liquid biopsies; pathology and clinical studies.


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