Jessica Bots

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Publications in the spotlight

Frequency-dependent selection on female morphs driven by premating interactions with males
Bots Jessica   Iserbyt Arne   van Gossum Hans   Hammers Martijn   Sherratt Thomas N.  
American naturalist - ISSN 0003-0147-186:1 (2015) p. 141-150
When right differs from left : human limb directional asymmetry emerges during very early development
Van Dongen Stefan   Galis Frietson   ten Broek Claartje   Heikinheimo Kristiina   Wijnaendts Liliane C. D.   Delen Sofie   Bots Jessica  
Laterality : asymmetries of body, brain and cognition - ISSN 1357-650X-19:5 (2014) p. 591-601
Negative frequency-dependent selection or alternative reproductive tactics : maintenance of female polymorphism in natural populations
Iserbyt Arne   Bots Jessica   van Gossum Hans   Sherratt Thomas  
BMC evolutionary biology - ISSN 1471-2148-13 (2013) p. 1-10
Analysis of cervical ribs in a series of human fetuses
Bots Jessica   Wijnaendts Liliane C.D.   Delen Sofie   Van Dongen Stefan   Heikinheimo Kristiina   Galis Frietson  
Journal of anatomy - ISSN 0021-8782-219:3 (2011) p. 403-409
Exposure to perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) adversely affects the life-cycle of the damselfly **Enallagma cyathigerum**
Bots Jessica   De Bruyn Luc   Snijkers Tom   van den Branden Bert   van Gossum Hans  
Environmental pollution - ISSN 0269-7491-158:3 (2010) p. 901-905

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