Jonas Bekaert

Postdoctoral researcher

Publications in the spotlight

Hydrogen-induced high-temperature superconductivity in two-dimensional materials : the example of hydrogenated monolayer $MgB_{2}$
Bekaert Jonas   Petrov M.   Aperis A.   Oppeneer P. M.   Milošević Milorad  
Physical review letters - ISSN 0031-9007-123:7 (2019)
Advanced first-principles theory of superconductivity including both lattice vibrations and spin fluctuations : the case of $FeB_{4}$
Bekaert Jonas   Aperis A.   Partoens Bart   Oppeneer P. M.   Milošević Milorad  
Physical review B - ISSN 2469-9950-97:1 (2018)
Ab initio description of multicomponent superconductivity in bulk to atomically thin materials
Bekaert Jonas  
Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Wetenschappen, Departement Fysica, 2018,290 p.

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