Publications in the spotlight

The effect of nasal shape on the thermal conditioning of inhaled air : using clinical tomographic data to build a large-scale statistical shape model
Keustermans William   Huysmans Toon   Schmelzer Bert   Sijbers Jan   Dirckx Joris  
Computers in biology and medicine - ISSN 0010-4825-117 (2020)
Eardrum displacement and strain in the Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) under quasi-static pressure loads
Livens Pieter   Gladiné Kilian   Dirckx Joris  
Hearing research - ISSN 0378-5955-387 (2020)
Technical Note: Correction of geometric x-ray image intensifier distortion based on digital image correlation
Sanctorum Joaquim   Van Wassenbergh Sam   Aerts Peter   Dirckx Joris  
Medical physics - ISSN 0094-2405-
How flexibility and eardrum cone shape affect sound conduction in single-ossicle ears : a dynamic model study of the chicken middle ear
Muyshondt Pieter   Dirckx Joris  
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology - ISSN 1617-7959-19:1 (2020) p. 233-249
Evaluation of artificial fixation of the incus and malleus with minimally invasive intraoperative laser vibrometry (MIVIB) in a temporal bone model
Gladiné Kilian   Wales Jeremy   Silvola Juha   Muyshondt Pieter   Topsakal Vedat   Van de Heyning Paul   Dirckx Joris   von Unge Magnus  
Otology and neurotology - ISSN 1531-7129-41:1 (2020) p. 45-51

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