Joris Michielsen

Joris Michielsen


Sint - Jacobstraat 2 - 4
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Joris Michielsen studied Social and Political Science (2003) at the University of Antwerp and obtained a second Master en Evaluation et Gestion du Développement at the Institute of Development Policies and Management (Institute for Development Policy and Management, IOB) (2004). He obtained his PhD in Sociology in 2012 with a dissertation on Transformative Sociale Protection in Health in India: empowering poor patients to claim quality health care through community health insurance with research in the slums of Mumbai and Pune.Currently, he is a senior researcher at the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS) and the academic coordinator of the Policy Research Centre on Integration which is a research consortium funded by the Flemish Government and composed of research centers at the University of Antwerp (CEMIS), Catholic University of Leuven (HIVA), Ghent University (SDL) and University of Hasselt (SEIN). In the Policy Research Centre on Civic Integration Joris Michielsen is supervising research on international migration, integration policies, remigration dynamics, the socio-economic integration of Roma and the interplay between human rights and integration.

After graduation in 2004, he worked for some years as a scientific collaborator of the University Foundation of Development Cooperation (USOS) with a focus on extra curriculum formation of students going to developing countries for research, cultural exposures or internships. His main focusses were poverty and social exclusion and intercultural communication.

From October 2007 till September 2011, Joris Michielsen has conducted PhD research at the Department of Sociology of the University of Antwerp (CELLO) funded by a PhD grant of VLIR-UOS (VLADOC 2007-20473) on health financing, social protection in health (SPH) and micro-insurance in India with emphasis on the socio-political and transformative dimensions of SPH measures i.e. the changes in the provider-patient relationships and access to quality care. Interest are on medical sociology, theory-driven evaluation, Bourdieu, access to health care, social protection in health, urban health, empowerment and emancipation processes, social change, mutuals, poverty and exclusion impact evaluation and systematic reviews. Different articles of Joris Michielsen have been published in international peer-reviewed journals.

In November 2011, Joris Michielsen joined the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies (CeMIS) where he is connected to the research line on Migration and Development and coordinating the IMISCOE 3CI PhD Conference: 'Changing Europe - Changing Migration': Europe in the World on the Move Europe. Recently, he finished research projects on the participation of migrant organizations in development cooperation projects in their country of origin(commissioned by the City of Antwerp)and the social and economic integration of migrant domestic workers in Europe (commissioned by the International Labour Organization).




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