Julie Vinck

Julie Vinck


Sint-Jacobsstraat 2
2000 Antwerpen, BEL

Julie Vinck graduated in July 2012 as master in social and economic sciences at the University of Antwerp and in July 2013 as master in social policy analysis at KU Leuven. In September 2020, she obtained her joint doctoral degree in the social and economic sciences at the University of Antwerp and in the social sciences at KU Leuven. Her dissertation focuses on the poverty puzzle among children with a disability. Julie examines how the interplay between the child’s disability, the parents' participation in the labour market, the social background of the family and the financial support families receive, affects the poverty risk of children with a disability. To do so, Julie draws on a case study of Belgium making use of unique and large-scale administrative data. In addition to her PhD, Julie worked on research projects concerning the reform of the Belgian child benefits system after the decentralisation and concerning the harmonisation of income and family concepts of social measures.

Her research interests include poverty and disability among children, the selectivity of social policies, the non-take-up of social rights, the work-care dilemma of parents and how policy responds to this.


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  • postdoctoral researcher