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The effect of immunosupression on the recvery after ischemia reperfusion injury of the kedney and the liver in mouse and rat. An observational, prospective study in humans on the liver function undergoing hepatectomy for malignancy. Prospective interventional study in humans: pt with a critical postop liver function will undergo an ablation prior to surgery

Detection, isolation and culture of liver progenitor cells after liver resection in a model of chronic liver damage in the rat 01/07/2009 - 31/12/2013


The study will investigate which progenitor cells are involved in liver regeneration, and if there is contributionof CD133 stem cells to the liver after resection in a predamaged liver by chemo & non-alcholic steatohepatitis in mice. Next, recruitment and eventual improvement of liver regeneration after infusion of CD133 cells will be studied. This study will give more insight in liver regeneration in pathologcial conditions which can be applied in the treatment of patients.


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