Kathleen Gyssels

Professor (Francophone and Postcolonial Literatures, Black and Jewish Diasporas, Caribbean, African American Literature )

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About Kathleen Gyssels

As Professor of Francophone Literature outside French, I privilege questions regarding multiculturalism (and its failure), discrimination and Black and Jewish Diaspora, worldwide and with special emphasis on the Caribbean archipelago. Representation of the Other, questions of canon formation (mainstreaming), comparative criticism beyond the linguistic frontiers are some of my favorite domains.

My classes at Antwerp University automatically touch upon those issues.

To conclude, some articles in different blogs and online journals:

En français : "Tirolien et Damas, deux antillectuels mémorables", La plume francophone (mai 2017) :


"Les blessures d’un poète": entretien avec MV. Howlett à propos de L.G. Damas,Continents manuscrits, 7 (2016)


Les Gary de Goyave : sur les inédits schwarz-bartiens, Continents manuscrits, 7 (2016)



en néerlandais : http://werkgroepcaraibischeletteren.nl/lancetre-en-solitude-de-simone-andre-schwarz-bart/

in OSO, interview met de Surinaamse Astrid Roemer :"Ten huize van 'Zamani' Roemer : een gesprek in het hart van" Gent (OSO; 2016)

in English : on posthumous novels by André Schwarz-Bart (L'étoile du matin, 2009, L'Ancêtre en Solitude, 2015)



more information: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/rg/postcolonial-literature/publications/


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