Publications in the spotlight

The ethics of autism
Hens Kristien   Robeyns Ingrid   Schaubroeck Katrien  
Philosophy Compass - ISSN 1747-9991-14:1 (2019) p. 1-11
The ethics of patenting autism genes
Hens Kristien   Noens Ilse   Peeters Hilde   Steyaert Jean  
Nature reviews genetics - ISSN 1471-0056-19:5 (2018) p. 247-248
Parental responsibility in the context of neuroscience and genetics
Hens Kristien   Cutas Daniela   Horstk√∂tter Dorothee  
Springer, 2017,246 p.
Voorbij de diagnose: evaringen van volwassenen met autisme
Hens Kristien   Langenberg Raymond  
Antwerpen, Garant, 2017,154 p.
Autism, genetics and epigenetics: why the lived experience matters in research
Hens Kristien   Van Goidsenhoven Leni  
Bionews-929 (2017)
To transfer or not to transfer : the case of comprehensive chromosome screening of the in vitro embryo
Hens Kristien  
Health Care Analysis - ISSN 1065-3058-23:2 (2015) p. 197-206
Whole genome sequencing based screening of in vitro embryos : now, in the future or never?
Winand R.   Hens Kristien   Dondorp W.   de Wert G.   Moreau Y.   Vermeersch J.   Liebaers L.   Aerts J.  
Human reproduction - ISSN 0268-1161-29:4 (2014) p. 842-851
The return of individual research findings in pediatric genetic research
Hens Kristien   Nys H.   Cassiman J.   Dierickx K.  
Journal of medical ethics - ISSN 0306-6800-37:3 (2011) p. 179-183
Ethical responsibilities towards dogs : an inquiry into the goghuman relationship
Hens Kristien  
Journal of agricultural and environmental ethics - ISSN 1187-7863-22:1 (2009) p. 3-14

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