Publications in the spotlight

Design opportunities for organic waste recycling in urban restaurants
Vinck Kathleen   Scheelen Linda   Du Bois Els  
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Assessment of acceptability and usability of new delivery prototype device for intradermal vaccination in healthy subjects
Van Mulder Timothi   Verwulgen Stijn   Beyers Koen   Scheelen Linda   Elseviers Monique M.   van Damme Pierre   Vankerckhoven Vanessa  
Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics - ISSN 2164-5515-10:12 (2014) p. 3746-3753
Prefillable intradermal delivery device : PCT/EP2013/057990, GB No. 1206766.6
van Damme Pierre   Vankerckhoven Vanessa   Verwulgen Stijn   Camerlynck Ruben   Scheelen Linda   Beyers Koen   Verleije Bart   Boudewijns Wim  
S.l., 2013,
How to prepare students for the real front-end of innovation challenges : a methodological perspective
Jacoby Alexis   Scheelen Linda  
Design education for future wellbeing : proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Engineering and Design Education, Artesis University College, Antwerp, Belgium, 6th-7th September 2012-p. 173-178

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