Louis Beyens

Professor emeritus

Publications in the spotlight

Environmental factors influencing soil testate amoebae in herbaceous and shrubby vegetation along an altitudinal gradient in subarctic tundra (Abisko, Sweden)
Tsyganov Andrey   Milbau Ann   Beyens Louis  
European journal of protistology - ISSN 0932-4739-49:2 (2013) p. 238-248
The distribution of soil testate amoebae under winter snow cover at the plot-scale level in arctic tundra (Qeqertarsuaq/Disko Island, West Greenland)
Tsyganov Andrey   Temmerman Stijn   Ledeganck Pieter   Beyens Louis  
Acta protozoologica - ISSN 0065-1583-51:2 (2012) p. 155-167
**Sphagnum**-dwelling testate amoebae in subarctic bogs are more sensitive to soil warming in the growing season than in winter : the results of eight-year field climate manipulations
Tsyganov Andrey   Aerts Rien   Nijs Ivan   Cornelissen Johannes H.C.   Beyens Louis  
Protist - ISSN 1434-4610-163:3 (2012) p. 400-414
Does climate warming stimulate or inhibit soil protist communities? A test on testate amoebae in high-arctic tundra with free-air temperature increase
Tsyganov Andrey   Nijs Ivan   Beyens Louis  
Protist - ISSN 1434-4610-162:2 (2011) p. 237-248
Are soil biota buffered against climatic extremes? An experimental test on testate amoebae in arctic tundra (Qeqertarsuaq, West Greenland)
Beyens Louis   Ledeganck Pieter   Graae B.J.   Nijs Ivan  
Polar biology - ISSN 0722-4060-32:3 (2009) p. 453-462
De graangodin: het ontstaan van de landbouw
Beyens Louis  
Amsterdam, Atlas, 2004,316 p.
Het masker van de raaf: leven in het noordpoolgebied
Beyens Louis  
Amsterdam, Atlas, 1997,316 p.

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