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Are unstable support surfaces superior to stable support surfaces during trunk rehabilitation after stroke? A systematic review
Van Criekinge Tamaya   Saeys Wim   Vereeck Luc   De Hertogh Willem   Truijen Steven  
Disability and rehabilitation - ISSN 0963-8288-40:17 (2018) p. 1981-1988
Feasibility of the clinical dynamic visual acuity test in typically developing preschoolers
Verbecque Evi   De Belder Niels   Marijnissen Tessa   Vereeck Luc   Van de Heyning Paul   Hallemans Ann  
European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology - ISSN 0937-4477-275:5 (2018) p. 1343-1348
Age-related differences in muscle activity patterns during walking in healthy individuals
Van Criekinge Tamaya   Saeys Wim   Hallemans Ann   Van de Walle Patricia   Vereeck Luc   De Hertogh Willem   Truijen Steven  
Journal of electromyography and kinesiology - ISSN 1050-6411-41 (2018) p. 124-131
Do spatiotemporal parameters and gait variability differ across the lifespan of healthy adults? A systematic review
Herssens Nolan   Verbecque Evi   Hallemans Ann   Vereeck Luc   Van Rompaey Vincent   Saeys Wim  
Gait and posture - ISSN 0966-6362-64 (2018) p. 181-190
On the effect of noisy galvanic vestibular stimulation on dynamic visual acuity in bilateral vestibulopathy
Herssens Nolan   Saeys Wim   Vereeck Luc   Dobbels Bieke   Van Rompaey Vincent   Hallemans Ann  
B-ENT - ISSN 1781-782X-14:S28 (2018) p. 5-5

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