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Spillover of an alien parasite reduces expression of costly behaviour in native host species
Santicchia Francesca   Wauters Luc   Piscitelli Anna Pia   Van Dongen Stefan   Martinoli Adriano   Preatoni Damiano   Romeo Claudia   Ferrari Nicola  
The journal of animal ecology - ISSN 1365-2656-p. 1-11
Relationships between personality traits and the physiological stress response in a wild mammal
Santicchia Francesca   Wauters Luc   Dantzer Ben   Westrick Sarah E.   Ferrari Nicola   Romeo Claudia   Palme Rupert   Preatoni Damiano G.   Martinoli Adriano  
Current zoology - ISSN 1674-5507-66:2 (2020) p. 197-204
Complex relationships between physiological stress and endoparasite infections in natural populations
Romeo Claudia   Wauters Luc   Santicchia Francesca   Dantzer Ben   Palme Rupert   Martinoli Adriano   Ferrari Nicola   Ferkin Michael  
Current zoology - ISSN 1674-5507- (2020)
Rodents in the arena : a critical evaluation of methods measuring personality traits
Mazzamuto Maria Vittoria   Cremonesi Giacomo   Santicchia Francesca   Preatoni Damiano   Martinoli Adriano   Wauters Luc  
Ethology, ecology and evolution - ISSN 0394-9370-31:1 (2019) p. 38-58
The price of being bold? Relationship between personality and endoparasitic infection in a tree squirrel
Santicchia Francesca   Romeo Claudia   Ferrari Nicola   Matthysen Erik   Vanlauwe Laura   Wauters Luc   Martinoli Adriano  
Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde - ISSN 1616-5047-97 (2019) p. 1-8

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