Luca Paolo Merlino

TT(ZAP)BOF Professor in Public Economics

Publications in the spotlight

More than just friends? School peers and adult interracial relationships
Merlino Luca Paolo   Steinhardt Max Friedrich   Wren-Lewis Liam  
Journal of labor economics - ISSN 0734-306X-37:3 (2019) p. 663-713
Public goods in endogenous networks
Kinateder Markus   Merlino Luca Paolo  
American economic journal: microeconomics - ISSN 1945-7669-9:3 (2017) p. 187-212
Endogenous job contact networks
Galeotti Andrea   Merlino Luca Paolo  
International economic review - ISSN 0020-6598-55:4 (2014) p. 1201-1226

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