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Government and Law


Theorizing, legal (empirical) analysis, and interdisciplinary research on (1) constitutional asymmetries, (2) (dynamic) federalism and multilevel governance, (3) constitutional values: (dynamic) legitimacy and stability, (4) constitutional principles: equality, transparency, and cohesion, (5) alternative conflict solutions, and (6) constitutionalism under extreme measures. Policy building and making based on scientific outputs: analysis, advice, recommendation, and consulting.

Safeguards of stability in asymmetrical constitutional systems. 01/10/2020 - 30/09/2023


Most traditional federal theory remains grounded in the notion that asymmetrical constitutional arrangements are somewhat exceptional. According to contemporary federal theory, however, recent systems are composed of several tiers of government and different identities. They produce asymmetrical responses by default to accommodate differences arising from complex relationships among tiers and groups. While asymmetrical solutions often seem necessary, this implies that some degree of constitutional asymmetry may provide grounds for the instability of the system. Therefore, a more comprehensive approach is needed to investigate constitutional asymmetries as a cause of instability. It will require identifying safeguards of stability in systems with established constitutional asymmetries by empirically examining the level of stability across all systems and distinguishing factors that undermine or support stability.


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