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Stages in the development and validation of a Belgian Dutch outcome tool for the perceptual evaluation of speech in patients with cleft palate
Bruneel Laura   Bettens Kim   De Bodt Marc   D'haeseleer Evelien   Thijs Zoe   Roche Nathalie   Van Lierde Kristiane  
The cleft palate craniofacial journal - ISSN 1055-6656-57:1 (2020) p. 43-54
Can a digital awareness campaign change knowledge and beliefs regarding cochlear implants? A study in older adults in 5 European countries
d' Haese Patrick S.C.   Van Rompaey Vincent   De Bodt Marc   Van de Heyning Paul  
Inquiry : the journal of health care organization, provision, and financing - ISSN 0046-9580-57 (2020) p. 1-6
Acoustic features to characterize sentence accent production in dysarthric speech
Ramos Viviana Mendoza   Kairuz Hernandez-Diaz Hector A.   Huici Maria E. Hernandez-Diaz   Martens Heidi   Van Nuffelen Gwen   De Bodt Marc  
Biomedical signal processing and control - ISSN 1746-8094-57 (2020)
The effect of tongue-strengthening exercises on tongue strength and swallowing-related parameters in chronic radiation-associated dysphagia
Van den Steen Leen   Baudelet Margot   Tomassen Peter   Bonte Katrien   De Bodt Marc   Van Nuffelen Gwen  
Head and neck: journal for the sciences and specialties of the head and neck - ISSN 1043-3074-p. 1-10
Vocal characteristics of 5-year-old children: proposed normative values based on a French-speaking population(dagger)
Remacle Angelique   Genel Ysaline   Segers Magali   De Bodt Marc  
Logopedics, phoniatrics, vocology - ISSN 1401-5439-45:1 (2020) p. 30-38

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