Marc Deloof

Professor of Corporate Finance

Publications in the spotlight

Earnings management within multinational corporations
Beuselinck Christof   Cascino Stefano   Deloof Marc   Vanstraelen Ann  
The accounting review - ISSN 0001-4826-94:4 (2019) p. 45-76
Local banking development and the use of debt financing by new firms
Deloof Marc   La Rocca Maurizio   Vanacker Tom  
Entrepreneurship: theory and practice - ISSN 1042-2587-43:6 (2019) p. 1250-1276
The value of government ownership during the global financial crisis
Beuselinck Christof   Cao Lihong   Deloof Marc   Xia Xinping  
Journal of corporate finance - ISSN 0929-1199-42 (2017) p. 481-493
Marketing and pricing risk in marine insurance in sixteenth-century Antwerp
Puttevils Jeroen   Deloof Marc  
The journal of economic history - ISSN 0022-0507-77:3 (2017) p. 796-837
Investor protection, taxation and dividend policy : long-run evidence, 1838-2012
Moortgat Leentje   Annaert Jan   Deloof Marc  
Journal of banking and finance - ISSN 0378-4266-85 (2017) p. 113-131
The evolution of debt policies : new evidence from business startups
Hanssens Juergen   Deloof Marc   Vanacker Tom  
Journal of banking and finance - ISSN 0378-4266-65 (2016) p. 120-133

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