Marc Jacobs


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On invisible gorillas, safeguards and Bruegel : contradictions and connections
Jacobs Marc  
Bruegel's Eye : reconstructing the landscape / Devoldere, Stefan [edit.]-p. 92-98
不能孤立存在的社区——作为联合国教科文组织 2003 年《保护非物质文化遗产公约》防冻剂的"CGIs"与“遗产社区
Jacobs Marc  
Northwestern Journal of Ethnology - ISSN 1001-5558-97:2 (2018) p. 12-23
La sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel et l'éthique
Jacobs Marc  
Patrimoine culturel immatériel / Lempereur, Françoise [edit.]-p. 247-259
The spirit of the Convention : interlocking principles and ethics for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage
Jacobs Marc  
International journal of intangible heritage - ISSN 1975-3586-11 (2016) p. 71-87
Cultural brokerage, addressing boundaries and the new paradigm of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage : folklore studies, transdisciplinary perspectives and UNESCO
Jacobs Marc  
Volkskunde : tijdschrift over de cultuur van het dagelijkse leven - ISSN 0775-3128-115:3 (2014) p. 265-291
브뢰겔(Bruegel)과 버크(Burke)가 주는 교훈. 유네스코 무형유산 보호 패러다임에 내재된 암묵적 기준: 협약 이행 10년을 돌아보며
Jacobs Marc  
International journal of intangible heritage - ISSN 1975-3586-9 (2014) p. 85-101

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