Marc Spiller

Sustainability evaluation and system analysis

Publications in the spotlight

Environmental impact of microbial protein from potato wastewater as feed ingredient : comparative consequential life cycle assessment of three production systems and soybean meal
Spiller Marc   Muys Maarten   Papini Gustavo   Sakarika Myrsini   Buyle Matthias   Vlaeminck Siegfried  
Water research - ISSN 0043-1354-171 (2020)
Resource recovery from pig manure via an integrated approach : a technical and economic assessment for full-scale applications
De Vrieze Jo   Colica Giovanni   Pintucci Cristina   Sarli Jimena   Pedizzi Chiara   Willeghems Gwen   Bral Andreas   Varga Sam   Prat Delphine   Peng Lai   Spiller Marc   Buysse Jeroen   Colsen Joop   Benito Oscar   Carballa Marta   Vlaeminck Siegfried  
Bioresource technology - ISSN 0960-8524-272 (2019) p. 582-593
Proof of concept of high-rate decentralized pre-composting of kitchen waste : optimizing design and operation of a novel drum reactor
Sakarika Myrsini   Spiller Marc   Baetens Robin   Donies Gil   Vanderstuyf Jolan   Vinck Kathleen   Vrancken Karl   Van Barel Gregory   Du Bois Els   Vlaeminck Siegfried  
Waste management - ISSN 0956-053X-91 (2019) p. 20-32
Purple non-sulphur bacteria and plant production: benefits for fertilization, stress resistance and the environment
Sakarika Myrsini   Spanoghe Janne   Sui Yixing   Wambacq Eva   Grunert Oliver   Haesaert Geert   Spiller Marc   Vlaeminck Siegfried  
Microbial biotechnology - ISSN 1751-7915-
Space-time information analysis for resource-conscious urban planning and design : a stakeholder based identification of urban metabolism data gaps
Voskamp Ilse M.   Spiller Marc   Stremke Sven   Bregt Arnold K.   Vreugdenhil CornĂ©   Rijnaarts Huub H.M.  
Resources, conservation and recycling - ISSN 0921-3449-128 (2018) p. 516-525

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