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Drug-induced anaphylaxis via MRGPRX2 occupation: introduction of a new human model. 01/10/2020 - 30/09/2024


Increasing lines of evidence indicate that mast cells (MC) degranulation from off-target occupation of the Mas-related G protein coupled receptor X2 (MRGPRX2) constitutes a novel endotype of IgE/FcεRI (high affinity receptor for IgE) -independent drug anaphylaxis. However, most of the data have been gathered in mice or in malignant mast cell lines. In contrast to MC, MRPGPRX2 is barely expressed on basophils membrane but quickly upregulated after conditioning. Here we propose exploration of a mixed model based upon cultured human mast cells and human basophils aiming at deciphering MRGRPX2 agonism and antagonims in drug anaphylaxis.


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