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In vitro antigenotoxic activity, in silico ADME prediction and protective effects against aflatoxin B1 induced hepatotoxicity in rats of an Erythrina latissima stem bark extract
Zarev Yancho   Naessens Tania   Theunis Mart   Elgorashi Esameldin   Apers Sandra   Ionkova Iliana   Verschaeve Luc   Pieters Luc   Hermans Nina   Foubert Kenn  
Food and chemical toxicology - ISSN 0278-6915-135 (2020)
Comparison of glycine-acyl surfactants prepared from black soldier fly fats, coconut oil and palm kernel oil
Verheyen G.R   Theunis Mart   Vreysen S.   Naessens Tania   Noyens I.   Ooms T.   Goossens S.   Pieters Luc   Foubert Kenn   Van Miert S.  
- ISSN 2213-3461-7 (2020) p. 1-20
Advantages of a validated UPLCMS/MS standard addition method for the quantification of A-type dimeric and trimeric proanthocyanidins in cranberry extracts in comparison with well-known quantification methods
van Dooren Ines   Foubert Kenn   Theunis Mart   Naessens Tania   Pieters Luc   Apers Sandra  
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis - ISSN 0731-7085-148 (2018) p. 32-41
Facial dermatitis caused by undeclared methylisothiazolinone in a gel mask : is the preservation of raw materials in cosmetics a cause of concern?
Kerre Stefan   Naessens Tania   Theunis Mart   Foubert Kenn   Goossens An   Aerts Olivier  
Contact dermatitis - ISSN 0105-1873-78:6 (2018) p. 421-423
Alkyl glucosides : newly identified allergens in foam wound dressings
Kerre Stefan   Strobbe Tine   Naessens Tania   Theunis Mart   Foubert Kenn   Aerts Olivier  
Contact dermatitis - ISSN 0105-1873-79:3 (2018) p. 191-193

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