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About Matteo Campioli

My research is focused on plant growth and production, their environmental drivers, and their relationship with plant phenology. I investigate all major terrestrial ecosystems, in particularly temperate forests and arctic tundra. I work at individual-, ecosystem- and global scale, at seasonal and annual level, adopting field-work, data-analysis and modeling. My research deals with both fundamental questions as well as applications within the global carbon cycle and the anthropogenic impact on ecosystem biomass production.

Example of publications:

CAMPIOLI M et al 2015. Biomass production efficiency controlled by management in temperate and boreal ecosystems. Nature Geoscience 8:843-846

Fu YSH, CAMPIOLI M et al 2014. Variation in leaf flushing date influences autumnal senescence and next year’s flushing date in two temperate tree species. PNAS 111: 7355-7360

Fernández-Martínez M et al 2014. Fertility matters most for forest carbon balance around the globe. Nature Climate Change 4:471-476

Fu YSH, CAMPIOLI M et al 2013. Sensitivity of leaf unfolding to experimental warming in three temperate tree species. Agricultural and forest meteorology 181:125-132

CAMPIOLI M et al 2012. Twenty-two years of warming, fertilisation and shading of subarctic heath shrubs promote secondary growth and plasticity but not primary growth. PLoS ONE 7:e34842

CAMPIOLI M et al 2009. Net primary production and carbon stocks for contrasting mesic-dry tundras in Northern Sweden. Ecosystems 12: 760-776

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