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Geniculate artery embolization in patients with recurrent hemarthrosis after knee arthroplasty : a retrospective study
Luyckx Elisa G. R.   Mondelaers Annelies   van der Zijden Thijs   Voormolen Maurits H.J.   Van den Bergh Frans R. A.   d'Archambeau Olivier C.  
Journal of arthroplasty - ISSN 0883-5403-35:2 (2020) p. 550-556
Current concepts in imaging and endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke: implications for the clinician
van der Zijden Thijs   Mondelaers Annelies   Yperzeele Laetitia   Voormolen Maurits H.J.   Parizel Paul M.  
Insights into imaging - ISSN 1869-4101-10:1 (2019)
Complete transection of optic nerve after endovascular coiling of a large ophthalmic artery aneurysm
Verbraeken Barbara   Achahbar Salah-Eddine   Kamerling Niels   Yperzeele Laetitia   Voormolen Maurits H.J.   van Havenbergh Tony   Menovsky Tomas  
World neurosurgery - ISSN 1878-8750-132 (2019) p. 81-86
A curious case of PICC line knot formation
Keulemans Sarah   Voormolen Maurits H.J.   Deplancke M.   Blom Henry  
Archives of disease in childhood : fetal and neonatal edition - ISSN 1359-2998-102:6 (2017) p. F538-F538
Frequency-place map for electrical stimulation in cochlear implants : change over time
Vermeire Katrien   Landsberger David M.   Van de Heyning Paul   Voormolen Maurits H.J.   Kleine Punte Andrea   Schatzer Reinhold   Zierhofer Clemens  
Hearing research - ISSN 0378-5955-326 (2015) p. 8-14

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