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My research focus lies in the development of novel interdisciplinary dynamic and prospective frameworks to prospective and dynamically (predictive) assess the (economic, environmental, and social) sustainability of emerging innovative technologies under low technological readiness levels (TRL), considering uncertainties over time. The focus is on emerging innovative technologies, specifically biomass-based technologies, CCU/S technologies, energy-based technologies, etc.

Assessing the optimal economic and environmental timing to invest in emerging technologies – Towards a dynamic and prospective assessment framework by bridging economics, environmental sustainability assessments and engineering. 01/10/2023 - 30/09/2024


Climate change is accelerating and our society is running out of time to stop this devasting trend. Emerging technologies are currently under development to counteract this trend. The urgency to have sustainable solutions makes it equally important for technologies to be profitable and environmentally desirable. However, they are often at the early development stage making their commercial success uncertain. The goal of my research is to develop a groundbreaking innovative interdisciplinary assessment framework – integrating real options (ROA) and consequential life cycle assessment (cLCA) within a techno-economic assessment structure – to dynamically and prospectively assess the commercialization time of emerging technologies based on future economic investment timing and future environmental impacts. I will advance the framework further by incorporating several trends of our society (socio-economic, environmental, and political) and harmonize this data to be utilized in both approaches (ROA and cLCA). Finally, the framework will be validated by a comparison of the emerging technologies with similar existing technologies by ex-ante & ex-post analyses, respectively.


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