Publications in the spotlight

Legal-discursive constructions of genuine cross-border love in Belgian marriage fraud investigations
Vandenbroucke Mieke  
Critical discourse studies - ISSN 1740-5904-17:2 (2020) p. 175-192
Multilingualism, urban change and gentrification in the landscape of a Brussels neighbourhood
Vandenbroucke Mieke  
Multilingua : journal of cross-cultural and interlanguage communication - ISSN 0167-8507-37:1 (2018) p. 25-52
Whose French is it anyway? Language ideologies and re-emerging indexicalities of French in Flanders
Vandenbroucke Mieke  
Language in society - ISSN 0047-4045-46:3 (2017) p. 407-432
Socio-economic stratification of English in globalized landscapes: a market-oriented perspective
Vandenbroucke Mieke  
Journal of sociolinguistics - ISSN 1360-6441-20:1 (2016) p. 86-108
Post-war Kosovo landscapes in Pristina. Discrepancies between language policy and urban reality
Demaj Uranela   Vandenbroucke Mieke  
Nationalities papers - ISSN 0090-5992-44:5 (2016) p. 804-825

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