Research team


Hello colleagues! My name is Dr. Muhammad Adeel, I am 31 years old and I come from Pakistan. I did my master in physical chemistry from Quaid-I- Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan in 2016. My master research is related to the synthesis of polymer base quasi solid state electrolyte for solar cells. After my master, I entered the industry for short period and work as new product development chemist at Nippon’s Paint Pakistan. Subsequently, I did my PhD in the field of Polymer chemistry and polymer physics at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China with Prof. Zheng Sixun in 2020. During my PhD, My main focus was to study the Nanostructured Thermosets containing Block copolymer and Carbon Nanotubes. I also work on shape memory and self-healing polymers, nanocomposites and micellization of block copolymers in some selective solvents. In May 2021, I started as a postdoc researcher in the iPRACS team, with Prof. Pieter Billen. My main focus will be recycling of plastic and develop coatings materials from recycled materials for crumb rubber or other applications. I have a great passion for research, guiding/coaching people and an enormous desire to set up new projects. Outside the lab, I also have some extracurricular activities like playing Badminton and Running.