Nick Schryvers

Dean Faculty of Science

Key publications

Mechanical behavior of ultrathin sputter deposited porous amorphous $Al_{2}$$O_{3}$ films
van der Rest Astrid   Idrissi Hosni   Henry Frédéric   Favache Audrey   Schryvers Dominique   Proost Joris   Raskin Jean-Pierre   Van Overmeere Quentin   Pardoen Thomas  
Acta materialia - ISSN 1359-6454-125 (2017) p. 27-37
Quantitative in-situ TEM nanotensile testing of single crystal Ni facilitated by a new sample preparation approach
Samaeeaghmiyoni Vahid   Idrissi Hosni   Groten Jonas   Schwaiger Ruth   Schryvers Dominique  
Micron - ISSN 0968-4328-94 (2017) p. 66-73
Internal architecture of coffin-shaped ZSM-5 zeolite crystals with hourglass contrast unravelled by focused ion beam-assisted transmission electron microscopy
Lu Jiangbo   Bartholomeeusen E.   Sels B.F.   Schryvers Dominique  
Journal of microscopy - ISSN 0022-2720-265:1 (2017) p. 27-33
Ni cluster formation in low temperature annealed $Ni_{50.6}Ti_{49.4}$
Pourbabak Saeid   Wang Xiebin   Van Dyck Dirk   Verlinden Bert   Schryvers Dominique  
Functional materials letters - ISSN 1793-6047-10:1 (2017)
Homogeneous flow and size dependent mechanical behavior in highly ductile $Zr_{65}Ni_{35}$ metallic glass films
Ghidelli Matteo   Idrissi Hosni   Gravier Sébastien   Blandin Jean-Jacques   Raskin Jean-Pierre   Schryvers Dominique   Pardoen Thomas  
Acta materialia - ISSN 1359-6454-131 (2017) p. 246-259

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