Nicky Staes

Post-doctoral researcher

Publications in the spotlight

Bonobo personality : age and sex effects and links with behavior and dominance
Staes Nicky   Eens Marcel   Weiss Alexander   Stevens Jeroen  
Bonobos : unique in mind, brain and behavior / Hare, Brian [edit.]-p. 183-198
The role of vasopressin (Avpr1a) and oxytocin (OXTR) receptor gene variation as a proximate base for inter- and intraspecific differences in personality in bonobos (**Pan paniscus**) and chimpanzees (**Pan troglodytes**)
Staes Nicky  
Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Wetenschappen, Departement Biologie, 2016,256 p.
Bonobo's en chimpansees : mensapen met persoonlijkheid
Staes Nicky   Koski Sonja   Weiss Axel   Eens Marcel   Stevens Jeroen  
Neuron - ISSN 1372-4185-21:3 (2016) p. 23-26
Bonobos et chimpanzés : des singes anthropoïdes qui ont de la personnalité
Staes Nicky   Koski Sonja   Weiss Alex   Eens Marcel   Stevens Jeroen  
Neurone - ISSN 1372-4193-21:3 (2016) p. 23-26
Bonobo personality traits are heritable and associated with vasopressin receptor gene 1a variation
Staes Nicky   Weiss Alexander   Helsen Philippe   Korody Marisa   Eens Marcel   Stevens Jeroen  
Scientific reports - ISSN 2045-2322-6 (2016)

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