Nicky Staes

Post-doctoral researcher

Publications in the spotlight

Serotonin receptor 1A variation is associated with anxiety and agonistic behavior in chimpanzees
Staes Nicky   Sherwood Chet C.   Freeman Hani   Brosnan Sarah F.   Schapiro Steven J.   Hopkins William D.   Bradley Brenda J.  
Molecular biology and evolution - ISSN 0737-4038-36:7 (2019) p. 1418-1429
Evolution of ASPM coding variation in apes and associations with brain structure in chimpanzees
Singh Sheel, V   Staes Nicky   Guevara Elaine E.   Schapiro Steven J.   Ely John J.   Hopkins William D.   Sherwood Chet C.   Bradley Brenda J.  
Genes, brain and behavior - ISSN 1601-1848-18:7 (2019)
Bonobo personality : age and sex effects and links with behavior and dominance
Staes Nicky   Eens Marcel   Weiss Alexander   Stevens Jeroen  
Bonobos : unique in mind, brain and behavior / Hare, Brian [edit.]-p. 183-198
The role of vasopressin (Avpr1a) and oxytocin (OXTR) receptor gene variation as a proximate base for inter- and intraspecific differences in personality in bonobos (**Pan paniscus**) and chimpanzees (**Pan troglodytes**)
Staes Nicky  
Antwerpen, Universiteit Antwerpen, Faculteit Wetenschappen, Departement Biologie, 2016,256 p.
Bonobo's en chimpansees : mensapen met persoonlijkheid
Staes Nicky   Koski Sonja   Weiss Axel   Eens Marcel   Stevens Jeroen  
Neuron - ISSN 1372-4185-21:3 (2016) p. 23-26

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