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Exposure to waterborne copper reveals differences in oxidative stress response in three freshwater fish species
Eyckmans Marleen   Celis Niko   Horemans Nele   Blust Ronny   De Boeck Gudrun  
Aquatic toxicology - ISSN 0166-445X-103:1/2 (2011) p. 112-120
Thyroid dysfunction in sea bass (**Dicentrarchus labrax**) : underlying mechanisms and effects of polychlorinated biphenyls on thyroid hormone physiology and metabolism
Schnitzler Joseph G.   Celis Niko   Klaren Peter H.M.   Blust Ronny   Dirtu Alin   Covaci Adrian   Das Krishna  
Aquatic toxicology - ISSN 0166-445X-105:3/4 (2011) p. 438-447
Accumulation of $^{137}Cs$ in the European Sea Bass **Dicentrarchus Labrax** (L.) in a salinity gradient: importance of uptake via gills, diet and ingested water
Hattink J.   Celis Niko   De Boeck Gudrun   Krijger G.C.   Blust Ronny  
Radioprotection - ISSN 0033-8451-44:5 (2009) p. 665-670

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