Paul Parizel

Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology

Publications in the spotlight

Increased T1 signal intensity of the anterior pituitary gland on unenhanced magnetic resonance images after chronic exposure to gadodiamide
Mallio Carlo A.   Lo Vullo Gianguido   Messina Laura   Zobel Bruno Beomonte   Parizel Paul M.   Quattrocchi Carlo C.  
Investigative radiology - ISSN 0020-9996-55:1 (2020) p. 25-29
Joint Maximum Likelihood estimation of motion and T1 parameters from magnetic resonance images in a super-resolution framework : a simulation study
Beirinckx Quinten   Ramos-Llordén Gabriel   Jeurissen Ben   Poot Dirk   Parizel Paul M.   Verhoye Marleen   Sijbers Jan   den Dekker Arjan  
Fundamenta informaticae - ISSN 0169-2968-172:2 (2020) p. 105-128
Lesion detection on a combined "All-in-One" window compared to conventional window settings in thoracic oncology chest CT examinations
Snoeckx Annemie   Vuylsteke P.   Broeckx B. J. G.   Carpentier K.   Corthouts R.   Luyckx E. A.   Nicolay S.   Hoyweghen A. V.   Spinhoven Maarten   Cant J.   Parizel Paul M.  
Diagnostic and interventional imaging - ISSN 2211-5684-101:1 (2020) p. 25-33
Age-related changes to the craniocervical ligaments in asymptomatic subjects : a prospective MR study
Peters Benjamin   Parizel Paul M.   Van Goethem Johan  
European spine journal - ISSN 0940-6719-
Inflammation, hippocampal volume, and therapeutic outcome following electroconvulsive therapy in depressive patients : a pilot study
Belge Jan-Baptist   van Diermen Linda   Sabbe Bernard   Parizel Paul M.   Morrens Manuel   Coppens Violette   Constant Eric   de Timary Philippe   Sienaert Pascal   Schrijvers Didier   van Eijndhoven Philip  
Neuropsychobiology - ISSN 0302-282X-p. 1-11

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