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The effect of single-ossicle ear flexibility and eardrum cone orientation on quasi-static behavior of the chicken middle ear
Muyshondt Pieter   Aerts Peter   Dirckx Joris  
Hearing research - ISSN 0378-5955-378 (2019) p. 13-22
A low-cost and easy-to-use phantom for cone-beam geometry calibration of a tomographic X-ray system
Nguyen Van Thi Huyen   De Beenhouwer Jan   Sanctorum Joaquim   Van Wassenbergh Sam   Aerts Peter   van Ginneken Christa   Dirckx Joris   Sijbers Jan  
9th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, Padova, Italy (iCT 2019)-
Compliant legs enable lizards to maintain high running speeds on complex terrains
Druelle François   Goyens Jana   Vasilopoulou-Kampitsi Menelia   Aerts Peter  
The journal of experimental biology - ISSN 0022-0949-222:6 (2019)
Grounded running reduces musculoskeletal loading
Bonnaerens Senne   Fiers Pieter   Galle Samuel   Aerts Peter   Frederick Edward C.   Kaneko Yasunori   Derave Wim   De Clercq Dirk  
Medicine and science in sports and exercise - ISSN 0195-9131-51:4 (2019) p. 708-715
Orientation and location of the finite helical axis of the equine forelimb joints
Kaashoek Mariëlle   Hobbs Sarah Jane   Clayton Hilary Mary   Aerts Peter   Nauwelaerts Sandra  
Journal of morphology - ISSN 0362-2525-280:5 (2019) p. 712-721

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