Peter Goos

Full Professor

Publications in the spotlight

A nonlinear multidimensional knapsack problem in the optimal design of mixture experiments
Goos Peter   Syafitri U.   Sartono B.   Vazquez A. R.  
European journal of operational research - ISSN 0377-2217-281:1 (2020) p. 201-221
Ultra-fast, sensitive and quantitative on-chip detection of group B streptococci in clinical samples
Cai Qing   Fauvart Maarten   Wiederkehr Rodrigo Sergio   Jones Benjamin   Cools Piet   Goos Peter   Vaneechoutte Mario   Stakenborg Tim  
Talanta : the international journal of pure and applied analytical chemistry - ISSN 0039-9140-192 (2019) p. 220-225
Impact of Nannochloropsis sp. dosage form on the oxidative stability of n-3 LC-PUFA enriched tomato purees
Gheysen Lore   Lagae Nele   Devaere Jolien   Goiris Koen   Goos Peter   Bernaerts Tom   Van Loey Ann   De Cooman Luc   Foubert Imogen  
Food chemistry - ISSN 0308-8146-279 (2019) p. 389-400
A classification criterion for definitive screening designs
Schoen Eric D.   Eendebak Pieter   Goos Peter  
The annals of statistics - ISSN 0090-5364-47:2 (2019) p. 1179-1202
Using Firth's method for model estimation and market segmentation based on choice data
Kessels Roselinde   Jones Bradley   Goos Peter  
Journal of Choice Modelling - ISSN 1755-5345-31 (2019) p. 1-21

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