Peter Van Bogaert is a registered nurse and has a bachelor degree in nursing sciences (1982), master degree in sciences (University of Ghent Belgium, 1989) and doctoral degree in medical sciences (University of Antwerp Belgium, 2009). He has more than 30 year of experience in acute health care (Antwerp University Hospital Belgium) as a nurse (1983), a nurse manager (1990), a director of nursing (2000) and a researcher (2012), respectively. He is chair of the Department of Midwifery and Nursing Sciences since October 1, 2010. As chair of the research group Centre for Research and Innovation in Care (CRIC) he is responsible for the development and evaluation of regional, national and international scientific collaboration. He supervised various courses in the master programme Nursing and Midwifery Sciences such as management and innovation; integrated care delivery; and quality of care and patient safety. In addition, he was a member of the Belgian Board of Quality of Nursing Care (2009-2018) and currently member of the Nursing Quality Indicators for Reporting and Evaluation (NQuire) International Advisory Committee Registered Nurses’ Associations Ontario Canada. Moreover, he is Fellow Ad Eundem Faculty of the Nursing and Midwifery Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (2017).

Peter Van Bogaert research topics are focussed within health services and outcomes research such as nurse practice environments and psychosocial environments of healthcare workers related to various patient outcomes; implementation of improvement initiatives related to quality and patient safety and nurse managers’ role in healthcare settings. He has also special interests in dementia care especially in nursing home. He is supervisor of 10 doctoral projects (three completed).