Petra Meier


Publications in the spotlight

The feminisation of Belgian local party politics
Devroe Robin   Erzeel Silvia   Meier Petra  
Politics of the Low Countries - ISSN 2589-9929-2:2 (2020) p. 169-191
Juggling three life spheres in local politics in Belgium
Emery Laura   Meier Petra   Mortelmans Dimitri  
Work-Life Balance Bulletin: A DOP Publication-3:1 (2019) p. 14-17
The significance of symbolic representation for gender issues in politics
Lombardo Emanuela   Meier Petra  
NORA : Nordic journal of feminist and gender research - ISSN 0803-8740-27:4p. 231-244
*Gender*Power*? On the multiple relations between gender and power in the European Parliament
Meier Petra   Ahrens Petra   Rolandsen Agustín Lise  
Gendering the European Parliament : structures, policies, and practices / Ahrens, Petra [edit.]; Rolandsen Agustín, Lise [edit.]-p. 199-212
Changing core business? Institutionalised feminisms and intersectionality in Belgium and Germany
Ahrens Petra   Meier Petra  
Intersectionality in feminist and queer movements : confronting privileges / Evans, Elizabeth [edit.]; Lépinard, Eléonore [edit.]-p. 64-82

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