Philippe Beutels

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Publications in the spotlight

An ODE-based mixed modelling approach for B- and T-cell dynamics induced by Varicella-Zoster Virus vaccines in adults shows higher T-cell proliferation with Shingrix than with Varilrix
Keersmaekers Nina   Ogunjimi Benson   van Damme Pierre   Beutels Philippe   Hens Niel  
Vaccine - ISSN 0264-410X-37:19 (2019) p. 2537-2553
Individual decisions to vaccinate one's child or oneself : a discrete choice experiment rejecting free-riding motives
Verelst Frederik   Willem Lander   Kessels Roselinde   Beutels Philippe  
Social science and medicine (1982) - ISSN 0277-9536-207 (2018) p. 106-116
Economic evaluation of pneumococcal vaccines for adults aged over 50 years in Belgium
Willem Lander   Blommaert Adriaan   Hanquet Germaine   Thiry Nancy   Bilcke Joke   Theeten Heidi   Verhaegen Jan   Goossens Herman   Beutels Philippe  
Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics - ISSN 2164-5515-14:5 (2018) p. 1218-1229
Sponsorship bias in base-case values and uncertainty bounds of health economic evaluations? A systematic review of herpes zoster vaccination
Bilcke Joke   Verelst Frederik   Beutels Philippe  
Medical decision making - ISSN 0272-989X-38:6 (2018) p. 730-745

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