Pieter Billen

Assistant professor (tenure track)

Publications in the spotlight

Potential use of lightweight aggregate (LWA) produced from bottom coal ash for internal curing of concrete systems
Balapour Mohammad   Zhao Weijin   Garboczi E.J.   Ye Oo Nay   Spatari Sabrina   Hsuan Grace   Billen Pieter   Farnam Yaghoob  
Cement and concrete composites - ISSN 0958-9465-105 (2020)
Replacing SF6 in electrical gas-insulated switchgear : technological alternatives and potential life cycle greenhouse gas savings in an EU-28 perspective
Billen Pieter   Maes Ben   LarraĆ­n Macarena   Braet Johan  
Antwerp, University of Antwerp, Faculty of Business and Economics, 2020,36 p.
Comparative evaluation of lead emissions and toxicity potential in the cradle-to-gate life cycle of lead halide perovskites
Billen Pieter   Leccisi Enrica   Dastidar Subham   Li Siming   Lobaton Liliana   Spatari Sabrina   Fafarman Aaron T.   Fthenakis Vasilis M.   Baxter Jason B.  
Energy: the international journal - ISSN 0360-5442-166 (2019) p. 1089-1096
The future of Ex-Ante LCA? Lessons learned and practical recommendations
Buyle Matthias   Audenaert Amaryllis   Billen Pieter   Boonen Katrien   Van Passel Steven  
Sustainability - ISSN 2071-1050-11:19 (2019)
A review of thermochemical upgrading of pyrolysis bio-oil : techno-economic analysis, life cycle assessment, and technology readiness
Sorunmu Yetunde   Billen Pieter   Spatari Sabrina  
GCB bioenergy - ISSN 1757-1693-

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