Pieter Meysman

Post-doctoral researcher

Publications in the spotlight

A primer to frequent itemset mining for bioinformatics
Naulaerts Stefan   Meysman Pieter   Bittremieux Wout   Vu Trung N.   Vanden Berghe Wim   Goethals Bart   Laukens Kris  
Briefings in bioinformatics - ISSN 1467-5463-16:2 (2015) p. 216-231
Varicella-zoster virus-derived major histocompatibility complex class I-restricted peptide affinity Is a determining factor in the HLA risk profile for the development of postherpetic neuralgia
Meysman Pieter   Ogunjimi Benson   Naulaerts Stefan   Beutels Philippe   Van Tendeloo Vigor   Laukens Kris  
Journal of virology - ISSN 0022-538X-89:2 (2015) p. 962-969
COLOMBOS v2.0 : an ever expanding collection of bacterial expression compendia
Meysman Pieter   Sonego Paolo   Bianco Luca   Laukens Kris   et al.  
Nucleic acids research - ISSN 0305-1048-42:D1 (2014) p. D649-D653

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