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Leaf-deposited semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) : an exploratory study using GCxGC-TOFMS on leaf washing solutions
Castanheiro Ana   Joos Pieter   Wuyts Karen   De Wael Karolien   Samson Roeland  
Chemosphere - ISSN 0045-6535-214 (2019) p. 103-110
Aerodynamic characterisation of green wall vegetation based on plant morphology : an experimental and computational fluid dynamics approach
Koch Kyra   Samson Roeland   Denys Siegfried  
Biosystems engineering - ISSN 1537-5110-178 (2019) p. 34-51
Human inflammatory response of endotoxin affected by particulate matter-bound transition metals
Moretti Serena   Smets Wenke   Hofman Jelle   Mubiana Kayawe Valentine   Oerlemans Eline   Vandenheuvel Dieter   Samson Roeland   Blust Ronny   Lebeer Sarah  
Environmental pollution - ISSN 0269-7491-244 (2019) p. 118-126
Atmospheric net particle accumulation on 96 plant species with contrasting morphological and anatomical leaf characteristics in a common garden experiment
Muhammad Samira   Wuyts Karen   Samson Roeland  
Atmospheric environment : an international journal - ISSN 1352-2310-202 (2019) p. 328-344
Chemical and magnetic analyses on tree bark as an effective tool for biomonitoring : a case study in Lisbon (Portugal)
Brignole Daniele   Drava Giuliana   Minganti Vincenzo   Giordani Paolo   Samson Roeland   Vieira Joana   Pinho Pedro   Branquinho Cristina  
Chemosphere - ISSN 0045-6535-195 (2018) p. 508-514

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