Sammy Verbruggen

Guest professor - Fellow of the FWO

Key publications

Plasmonic goldsilver alloy on $TiO_{2}$ photocatalysts with tunable visible light activity
Verbruggen Sammy   Keulemans Maarten   Filippousi Maria   Flahaut Delphine   Van Tendeloo Gustaaf   Lacombe Sylvie   Martens Johan A.   Lenaerts Silvia  
Applied catalysis : B : environmental - ISSN 0926-3373-156 (2014) p. 116-121
$TiO_{2}$ photocatalysis for the degradation of pollutants in gas phase : from morphological design to plasmonic enhancement
Verbruggen Sammy  
Journal of photochemistry and photobiology: C: photochemistry reviews - ISSN 1389-5567-24 (2015) p. 64-82
Plasmonic rainbow photocatalyst with broadband solar light response for environmental applications
Verbruggen Sammy   Keulemans Maarten   Goris Bart   Blommaerts Natan   Bals Sara   Martens Johan A.   Lenaerts Silvia  
Applied catalysis : B : environmental - ISSN 0926-3373-188 (2016) p. 147-153
Silver-polymer core-shell nanoparticles for ultrastable plasmon-enhanced photocatalysis
Asapu Ramesh   Claes Nathalie   Bals Sara   Denys Siegfried   Detavernier Christophe   Lenaerts Silvia   Verbruggen Sammy  
Applied catalysis : B : environmental - ISSN 0926-3373-200 (2017) p. 31-38
Harvesting hydrogen gas from air pollutants with an un-biased gas phase photo-electrochemical cell
Verbruggen Sammy   Van Hal Myrthe   Bosserez Tom   RongĂ© Jan   Hauchecorne Birger   Martens Johan A.   Lenaerts Silvia  
Chemsuschem - ISSN 1864-5631-10:7 (2017) p. 1413-1418

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