Sandra Van Aert is a Full Professor at the Electron Microscopy for Materials Research (EMAT) group. She received her Ph.D. at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in 2003. Her research focuses on new developments in the field of model-based electron microscopy using statistical parameter estimation theory. This enables one to measure unknown structure parameters with high accuracy and precision from electron microscopy signals. In this manner, all information contained in an atomic resolution image can be assessed quantitatively. This method to analyze experimental images allows one to measure 2D atomic column positions with subpicometer precision, to measure compositional changes at interfaces, to count atoms in an atomic column with single atom sensitivity, to unscramble mixtures of elements, and to reconstruct 3D structures with atomic resolution. In 2017, she received the prestigious Ernst Ruska Prize awarded by the German Electron Microscopy Society. In 2018, she was awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant PICOMETRICS.

Her Curriculum Vitae can be found on her personal webpage.