Research team


My research expertise centres around applying emerging digital technologies within architecture design and heritage to address societal challenges related to inclusion and justice in the built environment. Those technologies include virtual and augmented reality, space syntax and shape grammars. I see digital technology as an essential and effective means for innovative approaches. I am also working on analysing the building environment, namely considering space perception to achieve a user-centred design and reduce segregation and lack of accessibility. Currently, I have expanded my research on shared heritage in Africa to improve living conditions in former plantations. Multidisciplinary has been on my agenda for a long and most of my research is done in collaboration with environmental psychology, philosophy, and computer sciences. In addition, I have expertise in a wide range of research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative approaches and experimental studies. As a leader and researcher, I have participated in national and international competitive research projects, published my work in high-ranked journals and co-curated several exhibitions. In addition, I have been an expert evaluator for the European Commission since 2015.