Serge Tavernier


Publications in the spotlight

Development of the emulsions containing modified fats formed via enzymatic interesterification catalyzed by specific lipase with various amount of water
Kowalska Małgorzata   Woźniak Magdalena   Krzton-Maziopa Anna   Tavernier Serge   Pazdur Lukasz   Żbikowska Anna  
Journal of dispersion science and technology - ISSN 0193-2691-40:2 (2019) p. 192-205
On the applicability of ATR-FTIR microscopy to evaluate the blending between neat bitumen and bituminous coating of reclaimed asphalt
Margaritis Alexandros   Tofani Giorgio   Jacobs Geert   Blom Johan   Tavernier Serge   Vuye Cedric   Van den bergh Wim  
Coatings - ISSN 2079-6412-9:4 (2019)
FTIR as an easy and fast analytical approach to follow up microbial growth during fungal pretreatment of poplar wood with **Phanerochaete chrysosporium**
Cornet Iris   Wittner N.   Tofani G.   Tavernier Serge  
Journal of microbiological methods - ISSN 0167-7012-145 (2018) p. 82-86
Assessment of effectiveness of synthetic diacylglycerols as emulsifiers in dispersion systems containing interesterified Turkey fat
Kowalska Małgorzata   Woźniak Magdalena   Tavernier Serge   Żbikowska Anna   Pazdur Lukasz  
European food research and technology - ISSN 1438-2377-244:9 (2018) p. 1665-1674
Investigation of the enzyme-catalysed transesterification of methyl acrylate and sterically hindered alcohol substrates
Bauwelinck Jordy   Cornet Iris   Wijnants Marc   Dams Rudolf   Tavernier Serge  
ChemistrySelect - ISSN 2365-6549-3:18 (2018) p. 5169-5175

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