Serguei Sergueev

IOF Research and Innovation Manager

Publications in the spotlight

Bronsted acid catalyzed tandem defunctionalization of biorenewable ferulic acid and derivates into bio-catechol
Bomon Jeroen   Van Den Broeck Elias   Bal Mathias   Liao Yuhe   Sergeyev Sergey   Van Speybroeck Veronique   Sels Bert F.   Maes Bert  
Angewandte Chemie: international edition in English - ISSN 1433-7851-59:8 (2020) p. 3063-3068
Carbamate synthesis via a shelf stable and renewable C1 reactant
Dobi Zoltan   Bheemireddy Narendraprasad Reddy   Renders Evelien   Van Raemdonck Laurent   Mensch Carl   De Smet Gilles   Chen Chen   Bheeter Charles   Sergeyev Sergey   Herrebout Wouter   Maes Bert  
Chemsuschem - ISSN 1864-5631-12:13 (2019) p. 3103-3114
Bio-based aromatic amines from lignin-derived monomers
Blondiaux Enguerrand   Bomon Jeroen   Smolen Michal   Kaval Nadya   Lemière Filip   Sergeyev Sergey   Diels Ludo   Sels Bert   Maes Bert  
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering - ISSN 2168-0485-7:7 (2019) p. 6906-6916
Synthesis of Pd complexes containing tailed NHC ligands and their use in a semicontinuous membrane-assisted Suzuki cross-coupling process
Ormerod Dominic   Dorbec Matthieu   Merkul Eugen   Kaval Nadya   Lefèvre Nicolas   Hostyn Steven   Eykens Lies   Lievens Jo   Sergeyev Sergey   Maes Bert  
Organic process research and development - ISSN 1083-6160-22:11 (2018) p. 1509-1517
Concise xanthine synthesis through a double-amidination reaction of a 6-chlorouracil with amidines using base-metal catalysis
Morel Bénédicte   Franck Philippe   Bidange Johan   Sergeyev Sergey   Smith Dan A.   Moseley Jonathan D.   Maes Bert  
ChemSusChem - ISSN 1864-564X-10:3 (2017) p. 624-628

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