Sofie Cambré

Tenure track docent

Publications in the spotlight

Separation of specific single enantiomer single-wall carbon nanotubes in the large diameter regime
Li Han   Gordeev Georgy   Garrity Oisin   Peyyety Naga Anirudh   Selvasundaram Pranauv Balaji   Dehm Simone   Krupke Ralph   Cambré Sofie   Wenseleers Wim   Reich Stephanie   Zheng Ming   Fagan Jeffrey A.   Flavel Benjamin S.  
ACS nano - ISSN 1936-0851-14:1 (2020) p. 948-963
Asymmetric dyes align inside carbon nanotubes to yield a large nonlinear optical response
Cambré Sofie   Campo Jochen   Beirnaert Charlie   Verlackt Christof   Cool Pegie   Wenseleers Wim  
Nature nanotechnology - ISSN 1748-3387-10:3 (2015) p. 248-252
Role of surfactants and salt in aqueous two-phase separation of carbon nanotubes toward simple chirality isolation
Subbaiyan Navaneetha K.   Cambré Sofie   Parra-Vasquez Nicholas G.   Hároz Erik H.   Doorn Stephen K.   Duque Juan G.  
ACS nano - ISSN 1936-0851-8:2 (2014) p. 1619-1628
Separation and diameter-sorting of empty (end-capped) and water-filled (open) carbon nanotubes by density gradient ultracentrifugation
Cambré Sofie   Wenseleers Wim  
Angewandte Chemie: international edition in English - ISSN 1433-7851-50:12 (2011) p. 2764-2768
Experimental observation of single-file water filling of thin single-wall carbon nanotubes down to chiral index (5,3)
Cambré Sofie   Schoeters Bob   Luyckx Sten   Goovaerts Etienne   Wenseleers Wim  
Physical review letters - ISSN 0031-9007-104:20 (2010) p. 207401,1-207401,4
Effect of water filling on the electronic and vibrational resonances of carbon nanotubes: characterizing tube opening by Raman spectroscopy
Wenseleers Wim   Cambré Sofie   Čulin J.   Bouwen August   Goovaerts Etienne  
Advanced materials - ISSN 0935-9648-19:17 (2007) p. 2274-2278

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