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Lack of correlation between facial sexual dimorphism, fluctuating asymmetry and self-perceived attractiveness in men and women
Van Dongen Stefan   Ekrami Omid   Claes Peter  
Symmetry - ISSN 2073-8994-12:2 (2020) p. 1-4
A multivariate approach to determine the dimensionality of human facial asymmetry
Ekrami Omid   Claes Peter   White Julie D.   Weinberg Seth M.   Marazita Mary L.   Walsh Susan   Shriver Mark D.   Van Dongen Stefan  
Symmetry - ISSN 2073-8994-12:3 (2020) p. 1-12
Spillover of an alien parasite reduces expression of costly behaviour in native host species
Santicchia Francesca   Wauters Luc   Piscitelli Anna Pia   Van Dongen Stefan   Martinoli Adriano   Preatoni Damiano   Romeo Claudia   Ferrari Nicola  
The journal of animal ecology - ISSN 0021-8790-p. 1-11
An evaluation of classical morphologic and morphometric parameters reported to distinguish wolves and dogs
Janssens Luc   Perri Angela   Crombé Philippe   Van Dongen Stefan   Lawler Dennis  
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports - ISSN 2352-409X-23 (2019) p. 501-533
Optimizing the use of zebrafish feeding trials for the safety evaluation of genetically modified crops
Gabriëls Isabelle   Vergauwen Lucia   De Boevre Marthe   Van Dongen Stefan   Blust Ronny   De Saeger Sarah   Eeckhout Mia   De Loose Marc   Knapen Dries  
International journal of molecular sciences - ISSN 1661-6596-20:6 (2019)

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