Publications in the spotlight

Can listeners hear the difference between children with normal hearing and children with a hearing impairment?
Boonen Nathalie   Kloots Hanne   Verhoeven Jo   Gillis Steven  
Clinical linguistics and phonetics - ISSN 0269-9206-33:4 (2019) p. 316-333
Auditory brainstem implantation in children: Effect on speech production
Faes Jolien   Gillis Steven  
International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology - ISSN 0165-5876-119 (2019) p. 103-112
Children probably store short rather than frequent or predictable chunks : quantitative evidence from a corpus study
Grimm Robert   Cassani Giovanni   Gillis Steven   Daelemans Walter  
Frontiers in psychology - ISSN 1664-1078-10 (2019)
The effect of hearing impairment on the production of prominences : the case of French-speaking school-aged children using cochlear implants and children with normal hearing
Grandon Benedicte   Vilain Anne   Gillis Steven  
First language - ISSN 0142-7237-39:2 (2019) p. 200-219
Simulating speech processing with cochlear implants: How does channel interaction affect learning in neural networks?
Grimm Robert   Pettinato Michèle   Gillis Steven   Daelemans Walter  
PLoS ONE - ISSN 1932-6203-14:2 (2019)

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